ČuvajmoPriroduHD is the next innovative project of MediaHUB Company Ltd.
In the light of a comprehensive digitization of television and the increasing number of Croatian households and public spaces equipped with HD Ready and Full HD screens, we decided to develop the project and launch the first Croatian TV channel specialized in HDTV technology and dedicate it to the natural beauty of Croatia.

ČuvajmoPriroduHD is a television channel which broadcasts 24x7. Program consists of a number of professional recordings of natural sites in HDTV 1080i picture quality and the ambient sound. Channel will be offered to all television distribution network operators on Croatian territory and interested Internet streaming and satellite operators in the region and beyond.

The main purpose of this channel is to raise environmental awareness and to explore the beauty and richness of croatian nature in top quality HD picture and sound.

MediaHUB as the publisher and producer of programming ČuvajmoPriroduHD, will permanently record natural micro-sites and thus note and display the natural changes associated with seasons and human impact on the environment.

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