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This video is about Dubrovnik Region who is a historical region that partly overlaps with the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and includes the territory of the former Republic of Dubrovnik and the island of Korcula, where the population shares linguistic, cultural and social characteristics.

This region is home for many endemic plants, of which worth mentioning knapweed Dubrovnik and Mljet Aleppo pine, and Dubrovnik ore from animals (sheep) and Dubrovnik hound, which is the oldest name for the now widely known "Dalmatians."
The speeches of the Dubrovnik region are present in indoor vocals, giving the characteristic "touch" by words such as "small", "City", etc.

Music instrument “lijerica” is uniqueness of Dubrovnik, an instrument which can be heard in performances of dance Lindo and other dances of this region.
Sveti Vlaho, patron of Dubrovnik, is revered throughout the region, including the island of Korcula, where existed his church.

According to the census of year 2001 in the Dubrovnik region has 86.775 inhabitants, of which over 43 thousand in the city of Dubrovnik.

Within the Dubrovnik region are the following cities and counties City of Dubrovnik, Korcula Town, Municipality of Blato, Dubrovnik Coast Municipality, the municipality Janjina, Konavle municipality, the municipality of Lastovo, Municipality Lumbarda, Municipality of Mljet, Municipality of Orebic, Smokvica municipality, the municipality of Ston, Municipality Trpanj, Municipality of Vela Luka, Dubrovnik Municipality Parish.

Today, the only profitable industry is tourism, the traditional activities of Dubrovnik include all types of shipping, shipbuilding (at which they were known in the Mediterranean), intermediary trade, and agriculture and livestock breeding and production of salt.

The coast is very indented length and varies from protected bays with sandy beaches, exotic beauty to the open sea, exposed coastline with steep cliffs that make this county one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean.
The County has all the characteristics of Mediterranean climate with climatic differences that result from the existence of high mountain barriers close to the shore, a series of islands and the occasional continental influences.

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